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Why Partner with CodeStock as a Sponsor?

Great question! Sponsorship at CodeStock is a sembiotic relationship that supports everyone involved. Your organization gets advertising, exhibition and (in some cases) even presentation opportunities both before, during and after the event. Our attendees get to attend for less than 1/2 of the cost of what each individual seat costs us to provide. Yes, sponsors allos us to cut our ticket price by 50% so anyone who desires to can attend the event. Third, speakers get to attend the event for free. They already donate their time, travel, and knowledge so we comp their tickets as a humble "Thank You" for their part in the event. Lastly, CodeStock, a 501c3 with no other source of funding, is able to organize a conference for over 1,000 developers each and every year.

What is the cost?

It varies, but we strive to keep the barrier of entry low and the value high. Typically, a level of sponorship that provides exhibitiion space in the convention center's concourse starts at around $5k. We have a couple levels above this that add increased exposure and advertising value as you step up and even offer "Room" and "Community" levels of sponsorships as low cost options for those who just want to help support what we are doing. Download our 2018 propsectus to get more details on what is available.

What do I typically get for my participation?

It varies by level, but there are a few things that are consistent. Multiple social and email promotions are part of every package we provide. During the event, each sponsor will be promoted on the speaker slide decks or in the concourse depending on the level you partner with us on. And lastly, you have the gratitude of our board, attendees, speakers, and volunteers who benefit from your sponsorship. Plus, the IRS gives you that little tax break next April.

What are my next steps?

Download the prospectus and see what level makes the most sense to your organization. We can even customize a package for you if you are after something unique. Contact us for a consultation and we will assist you in finalizing your sponsorship package before making things official. No huge hoops to jump through and we do all of the heavy lifting for you.

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