2017 CodeStock Speakers!

on 02/19/2017

The following is a list of confirmed, selected speakers and their talk(s) for this year's conference:

Adam Williams: Knowing your aaS from a hole in the ground: Exploring SaaS, PaaS, CaaS, and IaaS

Aimee Knight: It's Not Dark Magic - Pulling Back the Curtains From Your Stylesheets & Getting Comfortable Being Uncomfortable - Lessons Learned One Year After Coding Bootcamp

Allison Benneth: Seven Awesome SQL Server Feature You Can Use ... For Free

Andrew Malek: Developers: Why Care About the User? &  Tablets and Hybrids Need Mobile-Optimized Websites, Too!

Ariana Shannon:   How to get to Minimum Viable Product

Barry Stahl:   Examples of Micro-Service Architectures

Brant Boehmann:  Introduction to Graph Databases with Neo4J

Cameron Presley:  How Functional Programming Made Me A Better Developer &  How To Have Code Reviews Developers Actually Want

Chris Gardner:  Education vs. Certification &  Unit Testing with xUnit.net

Christina Aldan:  Emotional Intelligence in Design & User Experience at Entry Level

Dan Thyer:  Mind Blowing Internet of Things (IoT) Projects with Cognitive Services

Daniel Barker:  Architecting the Future: Abstractions and Metadata

David Neal:  Public Speaking without Barfing on Your Shoes &  Fizz Good and the Art of Delivering Value

Doguhan Uluca:  Do More with Less JavaScript &  React vs Angular 2

Douglas Starnes:  Python: What's in it for You &  Swift 3: Third Time's the Charm &  Cross Platform Mobile UIs with Xamarin.Forms

Erika Carlson:   self.improve(): Building a Technical Career

Erin Page:  Mentor/Mentee Mashup

Gaines Kergosien:  How to be a Six Figure Developer

Gregory Beamer:  Automating the Software Delivery Pipeline: DevOps in the Real World

Gretchen Knode:  Being Agile vs doing Agile.

Hilary Weaver-Robb:  Testing RESTful Web Services &  Your QA Should Be Your BFF

Haseeb Qureshi:  Learning Node.js (Intermediate) -- Packages, Modularity & Express &  Giving Percentage Points? Crash-Course in Equity Vesting and Team Grants

James Bender:  “JavaScript” is Not a Dirty Word &  Write Better JavaScript with TDD

Jamie Phillips:   A DevOps Story &  Putting your builds to work for you, a piece of Cake!

Jamie Wright:  Building Your Own R2 Unit in Ruby

Jared Smith:  Figuring Out How You Got Hacked: An Introduction to Forensic Analysis and Volatility

Jason Bock:  What's New in C#7 & Learning Rust

Jason Cox:  One Codebase to Rule Them All

Jason Farrell:  Introduction to building iOS apps.... with Xamarin

Jay Harris:  Design for Non-Designers from a Non-Designer &  Growth: Moving Beyond “Independent Developer”

Jeremy Clark:  Becoming a Social Developer: A Guide for Introverts &  I'll Get Back to You: Task, Await, and Asynchronous Methods in .NET

Jeremy Fairbank:  Functional Programming Basics in ES6 (JavaScript)

Jim Wooley:  Geting started with Entity Framework Core &  .Net Compiler Platform (Roslyn) and you

Joe Walling:  Creating a Successful Software Product Company

Joe Marshall:  Basics of Domain Driven Design: the Building Blocks of Successful Architecture

John Rouda:  Technical Leadership 101 &  Creating a part-time side hustle

John Sterrett:  Make Your Own SQL Server Queries Go Faster! &  Performance Tuning Azure SQL Databases

Joseph Guadagno:  Bootstrap 4.0 – What’s new? &  Look into your Application with Visual Studio Application Insights

Josh Carroll:  Unlocking JavaScript via TypeScript &  Composing The Future With RxJS

Josh Gretz:  React Native In The Wild

Justin James:  Rapid REST API Development with Node and Sails

Kevin Tuttle:  Hour(s) of Code - Don't Let Your Kids Grow Up To Be Lawyers

Kristina Hardin:  Details of Design: The Fine Art of Designing Web Experiences

Lee Brandt:  Dockerize Your .NET Development &  JavaScript LevelUp

Magnus Stahre:  git gone wild: how to recover from common git mistakes. &  Taking a byte of Java Bytecode

Mark Wilson:  Authentication in Angular

Matt Honeycutt:  The War is Over, and JavaScript has Won: Living Under the JS Regime &  Building Mobile Apps with Visual Studio Tools for Apache Cordova

Matt Loflin:  My Journey as a Microsoft Azure Program Manager

Matthew Groves:  Querying NoSQL with SQL: HAVING Your JSON Cake and SELECTing it too

Melissa Green:  Stop Killing Requirements! &  Coder Careers

Michael Luetjen:  Coding with character. It's the study of logic!

Nate Taylor:  Let’s Get Functional with Elixir! &  From Cholera to the Space Shuttle Challenger: What Can We Learn About Professionalism from Other Professionals?

Paul Hacker:  Release Management with Team Services

Paul Sheriff:  The Basics of How to Unit Test your Code

Philip Japikse:  Introduction to Entity Framework Core &  ASP.NET Core MVC - What you need to know

Reid Evans:  A Developer's Journey from Object Oriented to Functional Programming &  The 4 Steps to Becoming a Functional Programmer

Sam McClanahan:  Bits to Atoms, an introduction to the Fourth Industrial Revolution

Samir Behara:   Making developers lives easier with SQL Server 2016

Shawn Wildermuth:  Being a Better Developer: Learning Skills That Aren't On Your Resume &  Developing ASP.NET Core in VS Code

Stan Paulauskas:  Nuclear Scrum : When Agile Practices meet Nuclear Physics

Steve Green:  Hacking Technical Debt &  Agile Architecture &  Crafting Innovation

Steven Swenson:  Writing and Deploying Scalable Applications using Azure Service Fabric

Tommy Nguyen:  Onboarding: How to Set Clients up for Success

Joel Cochran:   Azure Machine Learning for the Absolute Beginner &  The road to the white house goes through the cloud

Scott Drake:  Leadership Skills My Team Wishes I Had When Starting Out

Arlan Nugara:  Making ReactJS work with ASP.NET Core MVC & Work Smarter: Automation in the cloud

We are currently testing a session builder that we will let everyone know about in about two weeks!